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Crazy Tech Story of the Month: May 2021

One can never underestimate the importance of data, it is truly priceless. This week's story explains what can happen if backups are neglected or otherwise forgotten about. Remember that we can always help you setup a backup plan to prevent things like this story from occurring! However, if this does happen to you, we are also happy to help!

One time many years ago, around 2012 I was called out to a business to check on a slow unresponsive computer. After a little bit of looking around, it was quite clear that it was indeed a failing hard drive. I let the client know (the owner of the shop), and he said it was no problem and just wanted it replaced, as his employees always ran a backup each night and data should not be an issue.

Right as he said this, the employees in question looked nervously at the ground. The owner asks, "you did run the backups last night, didn't you??", to which the workers responded, "it was very busy here yesterday, unfortunately we did not get a chance to run them as scheduled."

At this point the boss begins looking very nervous and extremely stressed. It turns out that the only copy in existence of two weddings they had photographed earlier that day were on that PC, on the currently failing hard drive. Priceless memories, all rested on the fate of one drive.

He turns to me, grabs his checkbook, and asks me "how much do you need to recover those pictures? Tell me any number." After explaining to him that I would give my best effort but could not guarantee anything due to the nature of data recovery, I told him our standard rate

, grabbed the disk, and brought it back to the shop and got to work.

After many hours of copying files one by one and retrying endless failing sectors, etc, I was able to recover the entire contents of the drive. There was only very happy owner waiting for me and two very relieved workers!!

If this happens to you, we are happy to help attempt a full recovery of your data. While it is true that we can never guarantee a full recovery, we have a very high success rate depending on the state of the disk. If you ever get something like a "SMART error" or warnings that your hard drive is having problems, or if your PC suddenly gets extremely slow, call today! The longer your PC runs with a damaged drive, the lesser the chance of a full recovery.

Also, if this story has got you nervous about this occurring to you personally, no worries! We can help you get a good plan in place for backups so you do not have to be biting your nails waiting for a call telling you if you have lost all your precious data.

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