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Residential Services

Our qualified technicians provide a vast array of services. We offer free pickup and delivery throughout Cantonment and some areas of Pensacola, as well as onsite appointments.

Residential Services: Services

Hardware Repair and Replacement

PC not powering up? Broken screen or dropped computer? From laptop screen replacements to replacing broken hard drives, we can fix it. If parts are needed to get everything back up and working, we can order and swap them out for you.

Motherboard Installation

Equipment Installation

Just got some new equipment in but not sure what goes where or any idea what cable plugs into what port, etc? We offer installation of IT equipment from a broad spectrum including PCs, monitors, network equipment, and more. From switching offices to setting up your new new home office/computer room, we got you covered!

portrait of technician install a new har

Custom-Built PCs

Want to build your own PC? Curious as to how you can run the latest games at the highest resolution? Want to create a strong workstation that can easily edit and convert 4k and higher resolution videos? How about design components for manufacture or 3D printing? We can help build a PC to fit your needs and budget.

Gaming PC with RGB LED lights on a compu

Virus/Malware Removal

Seeing weird pop-up messages or emails appearing that you never signed up for or sent to your friends? Are you seeing some strange applications you don’t remember installing, noticing something isn’t quite the way it should be, or seeing a message about your files being encrypted? You might have a malware, virus, or ransomware infection. We offer comprehensive solutions to fully remove all viruses and malware to get your PC secure and working again.

Image by Michael Geiger

Anti-Virus and Software Installation

If you are looking to secure your PC or wanting some additional software added to your setup, we can help get your PC secure and work with you in installing which ever software you need.

Installing Bar Load Waiting Indicator Co

Data Recovery and Migration

Computer not starting up or hard drive/SSD issues? Wanting to move everything to your new PC? We can help you rescue your data off an old broken or damaged PC or drive and get it moved to your new device. We can assist on getting data off scratched discs, smartphones, and other media (even floppy disks!).

Notebooks file transfer. Concept of info

Mobile Device Setup and Troubleshooting

Just got a nice new phone and need some help getting it to be smart for you? Want to start accessing your email, contacts, or even access your computer at home from your phone? We can help make it happen for the major phone platforms such as Android or iOS. We are specialize in other mobile devices like tablets and wearables.

Mobile Phone

Secure Data Destruction

Need the data off an old device, drive, or disk securely wiped? We can help! We use the same techniques used by my US Military for secure data destruction and will ensure that it is completely irrecoverable.

The old hard disk drive is disintegratin

Other Services

Does the list above not contain the service you require? No worries! Please give us a call or send us an email on the Contact Us page or email us at We are here to help with whatever technology endeavors or questions you may have!

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